3D Printers Recommendations

There are so many 3D printers out there for so many different types of applications. You can get them for $150 and up. If you spend $150 you will need to spend another couple hundred more just to get them to work reliably. There are also other “hidden” features you’re missing, like a PEI print bed.

A PEI printbed is a relatively sticky, but non-stick surface for printing. It allows your prints to really stick to the print bed, but also allows them to be removed. In addition to the PEI, not having a heated print bed limits you to the types of materials you can print.

Listed below are LulzBot products. I own the Mini and love it. PEI?  Check. Heated bed? Check. Automatic bed leveling (a major time and frustration reducer? Check.

Ok, so you get all this stuff, but it comes with a price. Seriously, the price is worth it. The more you have to play around with things the more someone is going to leave your expensive gift lying around collecting dust. Spend the money on the Lulzbots. I include a cheaper alternative which is pretty good, but not as great.

Taz 6. Came out recently. Large print bed. Auto leveling!

Mini. Two years old and still going strong. Great printer for small sizes and desks. Can be a little limiting because of the bed size, but you can always slice your print and then glue it together.

LulzBot Dual Extruder Tool Head, V2. For Taz 6 only. Why? Because can print two materials at once, especially NinjaFlex. Nice to have, but not necessary.

LulzBot Mini Flexystruder Tool Head V2. For Mini only. If you want to print NinjaFlex and other materials. Again, nice to have, but not necessary.

IC3D Black 3mm ABS 3D Printer Filament. My go-to filament. Easy to print and strong. PLA is cheaper, but you will wish you had ABS after your first few PLA prints.

FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro . The cheaper alternative. Good ratings, but not as complete as the LulzBots.

HATCHBOX 3D ABS-1KG1.75-BLK ABS 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, Black

Platform Sticker for Creator Pro and Dreamer, 6 Pcs Kit

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