Desktop Lighting and Magnification

If you can’t see, you can’t build

Here’s what I use on my desktop and then some other items I would buy. Using magnification helps with building as much as it does reduce stress on your eyes. One of the key things I have found is a movable light source is a definite need. There are a ton of products out there. The selection below has what I think are good lighting attributes (right color and temperature), as well as good glass for magnification.

I own this one. I am constantly using it and, so far, it has been reliable. Since I am always moving it around, the joints have held up and it stays where you put it. Good light and clear glass. Great!

Same company and basically the same product, except with a dimmable light source. I don’t know why it costs less, but this wasn’t out when I bought mine (or I didn’t see it) and wish I had this instead.

Head mounted light. This one is difficult to recommend since there are so many different people with different needs out there. This one works well with glasses and the lenses are clear. As usual, the way you think they work isn’t necessarily how they work. This is a nice to have and there are a lot of options, so one person might love these and someone else might not.

Another nice to have: a lighted loupe. This one has a measuring scale inside. Will be owning this soon!

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