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Below is everything you need for someone looking to get a camera drone. DJI has really cornered the market and after owning 3D Robotics and other brands I finally settled on a Phantom 4 and love it. Worth every penny.

If you’re looking for racing drone parts, you can start here at There is waaaaaay too much to get into about what to buy for  racing done enthusiast, so I won’t cover any of that here.

Note: the Mavic will not be available from Amazon until January due to incredible pre-order demand. The Phantom 4 Pro will only be available in a couple weeks and the Inspire 2 in January, as well. However, here are direct links to DJI:

Mavic Pro

Phantom 4 Pro

Inspire 2

Phantom 4. I love this drone and am disappointed that I have had it for less than six months and the Pro came out. However, it is an amazing piece of kit. Everything listed after the main link are recommended extras. This package comes with a total of 3 batteries and the battery charging hub! You can get the Phantom by itself, but this is really good deal.

Micro SD Cards. I have three, one for each flight. They’re cheap and it’s better to leave your last flight on the ground in case you get stuck in a tree. It happens.

Propeller installation kits. These mount the propellers to the motors. They will break before the motors do. HIGHLY recommend you have some in your flight box.

Extra propellers. A no-brainer.

Screwdriver with all the bits you need for the Phantom (and other hobbies). This is nice and compact, stores all the bits inside the handle, hardened steel, etc.

Polar Pro. Nice to have if you’re doing pro video or a very serious amateur. Not really needed.

Hub Charger. Although it comes in the package above, someone who already has a Phantom probably doesn’t have this. They started out at $99, and now have come down to a sane price.

Car Charger. If taking frequent trips it is nice to have, but I would spend the money on more batteries. The question is, are you going to be in a car long enough to charge a battery? Probably not. But if you’re out camping overnight then you need it.

Flight Battery. Fortunately, the P4 Pro can use this battery, as well.


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