Measuring Tools

You need to measure

Everyone needs to measure things accurately, whether you are duplicating something for repair, drawing something for paper planning, or even for doing 3D design for CAD or 3D Printing. Here’s a collection of what I own and what I want to own. These are in the 6-8″ range.

Basic Caliper. I bought a basic set from Radio Shack a while back. I don’t know who the actual manufacturer is, but many of these are out there and look exactly the same except for the branding, so I chose the Neiko which thousands of people have reviewed favorably.

If I were replacing it, I would get another relatively inexpensive one, but with fractions! You don’t need fractions, but they’re a nice to have if you’re doing milling and need to speak the language:

If I was getting serious and doing anything for money I would get the following:

This one has the NIST certificate. Cheaper without it, but it would be nice to know that it is dead accurate.

You also need some rulers, so let’s make a list:

12″ ruler. I went with Mituyoto again. Worth every penny.

Being able to have a small 90 degree measuring tool is priceless. You don’t know you need one until you have one.

Finally, a decent tape measure.

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