Shopping for Nerds and Geeks is tough

Looking for something to buy for that nerd or geek person you know?

You’re a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a mother, a father, or a friend and you want to buy something for someone you care about that happens to be hard to buy for: they’re probably a nerd or a geek.

The problem is that they know exactly what they want, but they’re too nice to ask, or they want some many different things that could spend the next five hours listening to them.

You’ve come to the right place

I made this site to help my family and friends buy me the things I like because I really like to get things I can use in my hobbies as a maker, a photographer, an artist, etc.

What to expect

A lot of what is on the site are actual products I use. Most of the other products are items I will buy one day.

I scour Amazon because I have Prime and that’s how I buy things these days. For items I don’t own, I read all the worst reviews, watch hundreds of YouTube videos. read a million blogs, and then average out what I think are suitable products that I want to buy.

Now you can know what to buy instead of guessing.

Get started by clicking on the categories  on the top right.

Don’t see something you want? Add it in the comments below and I will research it.

The more you let me know what you think they might like, the more toys I get for myself!

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you find this useful!

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